Airfield Marking

Jointline can offer a full design layout and application of Airfield Markings to Aprons, Taxiways and Runways to conform to CAA's CAP168.

Line markings of runways, taxiways and pavements are a very important maintenance task of airports and Jointline Limited undertakes the function such as maintenance term contractors at Heathrow, Southampton, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Robin Hood Doncaster, Durham Tees Valley, Liverpool John Lennon, Manchester and Birmingham Airports.

All work is carried out to the requirements of CAA (CAP168)/ICOA and our extensive experience of this type of work results in minimal disruption to airport operations. We have similar contractual arrangements for the Ministry of Defence at RAF at Brize Norton, Odiham, Leuchars, Leeming and Marham.

All forms of paints such chlorinated rubber, one and two part epoxy, emulsions and methylmethacrylate can be applied.

We also have the equipment to apply hot applied thermoplastic by the spray or screed principle.

Manchester Airport Second Runway

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Airfield / Runway Grooving

Anti-skid grooving to asphalt and concrete.

Used to increase friction of wet surfaces by removing surface water.

For anti-skid grooving, we have an extensive selection of plant available including the latest American "Cushion Cut" machine as illustrated below right.

This machine, in addition to the provision of grooves to the required centre, pitch and depth specification will automatically vacuum up the resultant slurry.

Only operatives with the requisite ability and experience are employed by Jointline Limited on these contracts.

Tests by NASA in the USA have proved that a grooved runway should finish with a co-efficient of friction which, in the wet, equates to 85% of that when it is dry.

Grooving has become the proven, most cost effective way to increase the co-efficient of friction in the wet thus improving the take-off and landing distances of aircraft.

Jointline Limited has recently undertaken ant-skid grooving of Runways at:


  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Stansted Airport
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Manchester 2nd Runway



  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Cyprus


  • Kenya
  • Ghana


  • Cayman
  • St Lucia
  • Barbados
  • and also throughout the USA

Grooving of Heathrow Airport runway to a specification of 4mm wide x 4mm deep groove at 25mm centres

Large groover working night shift at Edinburgh Airport.

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Friction Markings for Runways

A specialist material developed by Jointline Limited to provide a marking that complies with CAP168 and 683. "Paint surfaces should have a friction level similar to that of the surrounding surface".

This is a superior quality conventional material combined with a unique grading of aggregates. This combination gives a high friction value and by varying size and amount of aggregates, friction values of between .65 and .8 using a grip tester can be achieved (as tested by Cranfield Aerospace) and used on Manchester Airport new 2nd Runway.

This is a cost effective method of friction marking which offers major savings based on full life costings due to the ease and low cost of overcoating. No cleaning is required, cutting out the use and cost of environmentally non friendly cleaning liquids and any ultimate damage they may cause to the asphalt surface or aircraft metal parts.

With this recoating procedure the line can be kept white which cannot be achieved by cleaning existing markings.

Test results from Cranfield airfield

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